Clip-On Side Ingredient Dishes for Table Top (500x300mm size)


The clip-on side dishes for the table top ice pan.

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Make your table top ice cream roll machine even more functional with these clip-on side dishes.

They simply clip on to each side of the ice pan, giving you access to dishes which can be used for your ingredients or tools.

Simply unclip when you’re finished and pack away.

They come in the same range of colours as your table top ice pan. We’ll check with you what colour you want when everything is ordered.

For the 500x300mm size ice pan, you get 3 ingredient dishes on each side.


  • Gives you quick access to ingredients and tools
  • Clips on and off in a flash
  • Easy to wash items
  • Stainless steel dishes included


If you choose the 450x450mm size, visit here for the correct sized clip on side dishes.


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