Ice Cream Rolls Premix – Powder


Ice Cream Rolls Premix – in form of a powder.

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For delivery in the European Union only.

Our high quality ice cream roll premix in the form of powder. Available for delivery to most EU countries. We can’t deliver to any other countries due to import restrictions on milk products.

This special formula has been designed to make excellent ice rolls whilst having a neutral, smooth and slightly sweet taste. It’s fast and easy to prepare. We recommend using milk but you can use whatever liquid you may wish to experiment with, such as tea or fruit juice.

It has a creamy ice cream taste which allows the flavours of the other ingredients to really come out.

This is a high quality product made in Germany. No need to refrigerate as it can be stored ambient. It also has a low cost price per serving.

Delivery time is up to 24 days depending on location. If no delivery cost is displayed in your basket then please ‘Request A Quote’.

Conversion – Premix Powder:

1 Box= 6 Bags
1 Bag= 1 kg
1 kg= 1,000 g
1 kg 35 oz
1 kg 2.2 lb

Conversion – Liquid:

3.5 l= 3.500 ml
3.5 l 118 fl oz
3.5 l 15 cups
3.5 l 6.2 pt
3.5 l 0.93 gal


Preparation of the ice cream rolls premix:

Preparation: 1 kg of powder to 3.5 l milk

(also mixable with juice or tea to create your own premix flavours)

Result:  4.2 l of Ice Cream Rolls Premix

Quantity per 1 kg powder: 38 servings (of ≈ 110 ml Premix)

Recommended ingredients: whatever you like!


Product Information:

Ingredients: skimmed milk powder, sugar, vegetable thickener guar flour

Nutrition Information (Ø per 100 g Premix Powder): Energy 382.5 kcal/1.602, kJ, Fat 0.45 g, Carbohydrates 74.7g, Protein 17.5 g

Allergens Information: milk and dairy products including lactose. Gluten free

Vegetarian: suitable for vegetarian

Vegan: not suitable for vegan

Storage: in unopened original packaging, dry and protected from light at room temperature

Expiry Date: at least 12 months from date of production, in unopened original packaging, dry and protected from light at room temperature

Consumption: store the prepared Premix in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours, when not refrigerated the premix should only be stored for direct consumption for a maximum of 1 hour

Made in Germany

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1 Box (6 kg), 12 boxes (72 kg), 24 boxes (144 kg), 40 boxes (240 kg), 80 boxes (480 kg)


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