What is Rolled Ice Cream?

Rolled ice cream began its rise to fame in Thailand and South East Asia. Street food vendors invented a way to entertain customers and offer unlimited flavours. Pictures and videos soon spread across social media and the trend grew across the world. Now you can find rolled ice cream businesses in major cities and tourist destinations serving excited customers their tasty ice cream rolls.

Customers watch their choice of ingredients chopped up on the -30°C ice pan and freeze instantly. The mix is spread out and right before their eyes, the ice cream rolls are curled into shape. Ice cream rolls offer endless flavours and entertainment. Why just have ice cream, when you can have a captivating show too?

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The biggest challenge new businesses found was sourcing reliable and professional equipment. All rolled ice cream machines were constructed in China. Customers were experiencing regular breakdowns, poor service and even dangerous equipment. Few, if any of the machines met electrical and safety regulations.

rolled ice cream

Experts in Rolled Ice Cream

At Ice Roll Pro, our industry leading experts designed and now manufacture the most advanced rolled ice cream machine the world. Built in Europe, it meets all regulations and displays a genuine CE mark. We're so confident in the quality of our ice pans that we offer a worldwide comprehensive 2 year warranty. We designed our ice pans to be small, efficient, reliable and last many years. We ship worldwide and cater to your electrical standard such as 110v in America.

Once you've purchased your Ice Roll Pro machine, you’ll gain access to the 'how to make ice cream rolls' video tutorials. Here you’ll learn how to make rolled ice cream with easy to follow steps, along with tips, tricks, and some example recipes. You can also access the Ice Roll Pro Facebook Group where you can connect with other ice roll artists from around the world. You can share flavours, ideas, pictures and videos of your business and the amazing ice rolls you create.

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The Process


Customers choose what flavour rolled ice cream they’d like. Ingredients go on to the ice pan along with a liquid ice cream mix.

rolled ice cream


The magic begins! The ingredients start to freeze as they’re chopped and mixed together.

rolled ice cream


The combination is spread onto the ice plate, ready for the best bit...

rolled ice cream


Right before their eyes the ice cream rolls are curled into shape

rolled ice cream


They're served and ready to be devoured

rolled ice cream


There's endless flavours and ways to serve ice cream rolls. The only limit is your imagination!

rolled ice cream