Ice Roll Pro is a UK based business, but we sell our ice pans to locations all over the world, including one of our primary markets – The EU. We have great customers in the EU and we make trips to see them regularly. If you’re thinking of starting a rolled ice cream business then
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Latest Ice Roll Pro Models – Update Jan 2021 Hi Ice Roll Pro fans! We hope you’re all well and healthy during these unusual times. We’re bringing you our latest video which includes information on our latest models of ice pans and ice cream roll carts. Ice Roll Pro is open and running as usual.
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  People all around the world love ice cream rolls, including celebrities like the Beckham's. Here, David Beckham films his son Brooklyn Beckham and the rest of the family making rolled ice cream. This is the second time we've seen them at it, they must be really big fans! Head over to the Ice
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    We’ve just got back from the world’s largest ice cream and gelato exhibition Sigep, in Rimini Italy. We demonstrated our professional ice cream roll machines to guests from all around the world. We exhibited alongside the globe’s most well known brands including Carpigiani and Fabbri. Our rolled ice cream machines made a huge
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We’ll be exhibiting at Sigep Rimini 2019 in Italy later this week. We’ll be showing off our professional rolled ice cream equipment and you can even have a go at ice cream rolls yourself. It’s a great chance to meet clients from around the world and discuss their requirements. If you’re attending, please come and
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When choosing your rolled ice cream equipment, you want to get the best deal available. On the face of it, the ice pans from China are undoubtedly the cheapest. With some of them at only £800 each (not including delivery, tax and duties), it makes sense that many people go to these sellers for their
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If you’ve purchased your rolled ice cream machine from China or India, its not a matter of ‘IF’, but ‘WHEN’ it will breakdown. Unfortunately due to the poor build quality many of these units don’t last a year, causing lost business and extra expense on replacements.   The manufacturers claim to have a 1 year
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You may have seen recently that the celebrity Beckham family each had a go at making ice cream rolls on a holiday in California. Check out the video below to watch again: So why are so many celebrities (and us normal people!) having a go at this fun new craze? It all comes down to
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One feature which you may see on a cheaply made rolled ice cream machine from China is a ‘defrost peddle’. This is something that we don’t have on the Ice Roll Pro machines, and there’s a reason for that. These little levers are supposed to make the rolling of ice cream easier, but they’re not
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If you’ve looked at all the ice cream roll machines on the market, you’ll have noticed they come in all different shapes and sizes. As well as circular and square ones, there’s a few with a rectangular shape, plus they’re all different sizes. So, what’s the best size and shape? The simple answer is its