Start Your Ice Cream Roll Business

Wherever you are in the world, ice cream rolls with Ice Roll Pro are a fantastic and fun business opportunity. With only a small investment to start your business, you can make a profit in just a few weeks. Product unit margins for ice cream rolls are up to 85% which means you can make an excellent profit whilst doing something you love.

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We can ship worldwide including the USA. It's easy to get started and we will help you along every step of the way. We can advise you on what ice pans, ice cream carts and accessories you need. You have complete flexibility in what you choose and how you sell your ice cream rolls.

Ice Cream Shop or Kiosk

The most popular way to sell ice cream rolls is with an ice cream shop or kiosk. Customers will flock to your location to watch their hand crafted rolled ice cream made right in front of them. How about including hot waffles or brownies as an option too? If you already have a food business, ice cream rolls are an excellent way to extend your product range with only minimal investment and taking up minimal space. Check out our counter drop-in ice cream roll machine which can be built into your kiosk counter.

Booked Events and Hire

Our range of ice cream carts are designed to be mobile so you can be booked for private events. They fit comfortably in a van and look great. If you want something more portable, look at our table-top ice cream roll machines which are the smallest on the market. You can serve ice cream rolls at a customer's wedding, party, fashion launch or corporate event. It will make the event memorable and you'll be the most popular entertainment there.

You can charge a fixed total for the whole event, or you can charge a ‘per guest’ basis. Rolled ice cream for private hire is very profitable. If you have enough events booked, you can expect a return on your investment in as little as a few weeks.

Frew And Co Artisan Rolled Ice Cream is a successful Ice Roll Pro customer

Restaurants and Venues

Hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and even cruise ships are perfectly placed to offer ice cream rolls to guests. Rolled ice cream is an excellent addition to a menu or location to make the experience special. With our range of mobile ice cream carts you can wheel the ice pan to the customer's table so they can watch their dessert made in front of them.

As well as endless choices for flavours, there’s endless ways you can serve ice cream rolls with Ice Roll Pro, its all down to your imagination!

How many ice cream roll machines?

Ice cream rolls are very popular so you will need more than 1 ice cream roll machine to serve all your customers. If you only serve ice rolls at private hire events a minimum of 2 ice roll machines is recommended.

If you have a shop or kiosk it is recommended you have a minimum of 3 ice roll machines. Some operators have 6 ice pans to ensure all customers are served quickly. This illustrates how popular and profitable the concept can be.

Time it takes to make rolled ice cream

When you first learn how to make ice cream rolls it will take you about 4 minutes to make one serving. As you get better this will reduce to 3 minutes. Once you have mastered the art of making rolled ice cream it will take you 2 minutes or less to make a serving.

Use the calculator to work out how many ice cream roll portions you can make depending on how many ice pans you have. It assumes it will take you 3 minutes to make one serving of rolled ice cream.

This calculator will help you decide how many ice pans you require and how much profit you can make. Go to the shop now and choose the design of your ice cream roll business.

Number of Ice Pans

Serving Hours

Total Ice Cream Portions

Still not sure what you need?

If you have more questions or would like bespoke advice on what will work best for you, get in touch by clicking here for our contact page. We'll be happy to advise you what works best for your situation.



Disclaimer: The calculators, unit production times, gross profit and other information are for guidance only and cannot be guaranteed. Each ice cream roll business set up can be very different and is designed to be flexible for the operators.