Ice Roll Pro have the cheapest ice cream roll machine – here’s why

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When choosing your rolled ice cream equipment, you want to get the best deal available.

On the face of it, the ice pans from China are undoubtedly the cheapest. With some of them at only £800 each (not including delivery, tax and duties), it makes sense that many people go to these sellers for their ice plates.

ice cream roll machine

But as we all know, the ice pans from China are also undoubtedly the poorest in quality. They don’t have effective warranties, they don’t meet electrical standards despite their supposed certificates, but most importantly they don’t last very long.

We’ve done our own tests on different types of rolled ice cream machines from around the world and compared them to ours.

The most popular ice roll machines, from China, have an expected life expectancy of only 6 months. That’s if the unit doesn’t arrive dead on arrival. After normal use the thin stainless steel plate detaches from the cheap glue and copper tubes underneath. This creates warm spots all over the ice plate making it unusable. Repair of the unit is pointless due to its large cost and also finding someone who’s prepared to work on an electrical unit which doesn’t meet standards.

So essentially you are purchasing a £800+ ice pan every 6 months if you want to run effectively.

ice pan machine

Now consider the Ice Roll Pro rolled ice cream machines. They are made in the EU and meet the high standards with genuine safety marks. As well as using exclusive technology which makes them more efficient and reliable, Ice Roll Pro comes with a 2 year warranty. In reality, we expect our equipment to last many years longer with only light servicing required.

This makes the Ice Roll Pro ice pans cheaper over their 2 year warranty period, then if you got 4 Chinese units to cover the same time.

During that time you can enjoy the energy savings gained with Ice Roll Pro, the smaller form factor giving you storage, comprehensive support and the how-to videos so you can learn how to make ice cream rolls like a professional.

Head over to our shop today to look at the rolled ice cream equipment available for delivery.

Or get in touch with any questions you may have, we’ll be happy to answer them.

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