Rolled Ice Cream Machine Breakdowns – What to do

broken ice cream machine

If you’ve purchased your rolled ice cream machine from China or India, its not a matter of ‘IF’, but ‘WHEN’ it will breakdown.

Unfortunately due to the poor build quality many of these units don’t last a year, causing lost business and extra expense on replacements.

rolled ice cream machine
Dirty cooling coils causing poor performance. Found on a Chinese machine


The manufacturers claim to have a 1 year warranty but this only includes parts. You’ll still be out of pocket when paying for a refrigeration engineer coming to inspect it and fix new parts.

There’s a saying; ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’. Is it really worth taking the risk when buying equipment for your business?

rolled ice cream machine
A gas leak causes only part of the plate to cool, on a Chinese machine


When you buy from Ice Roll Pro, you can be sure on one thing: quality craftsmanship. We build to the high European standards required by regulation, and all our units come with a comprehensive 2 year worldwide warranty. This includes a full replacement if necessary, with all costs of repairs and shipping covered. In the UK, you can take advantage of our refrigeration engineers who will be on-site within 24 hours if you have a problem.

We believe in our products

So what can you do if your Chinese rolled ice cream machine breaks down? Get in touch and we’ll see if there’s any advice we can give you. We’re here to help out all operators. But you really want to start looking at professional quality equipment to make your business run smoothly.

Head over to our Shop where you can view our drop-in units or our table top ice cream roll machines.

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