Introducing our range of high quality ice cream roll carts from Ice Roll Pro

ice pan

If you’re choosing a drop-in unit for your ice cream roll machine, then you’ll need to pick a ice cream cart for it to fit into.

You have a few options available to you. If the drop-in unit isn’t being fitted into a counter top, or your own cart, then pick one of the high quality, tried and tested rolled ice cream carts from Ice Roll Pro.

Along with our standard carts, we can also customise your cart to however you desire. In size, colour, features and shape. We can also assist you in branding your cart, simply get in touch with your query.

The carts allow complete flexibility and versatility to your business set up. Importantly, the professional appearance speaks volumes to your customers and the ergonomic design means speedy service.

Is there anything else you think should feature on the ice cream roll cart? Write your ideas in the comments below

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