Say hello to our new table-top units!

ice cream roll machine

If you were struggling to pick a ice cream roll cart for your drop-in Ice Roll Pro machine, take a look at our new range of table top units.

These super portable versions are the most compact rolled ice cream machines on the market, yet they’re also incredibly powerful. The Ice Roll Pro machines are officially the most powerful and reliable units on the market today!

With the table top version, you don’t require a cart to drop it into. Simply place the machine on top of a suitable table or work surface, plug in, and within 5 minutes you’re rolling away!

ice cream roll machine

It also features captivating colour changing text on the front of the machine, to further attract attention.

You can be set up with no extra equipment with this single unit. If however you do want to make your business even more professional, head over to our Accessories page for things like store and pours, or additional Ice Roll Pro scrapers.

ice cream roll machine

Simply plug in, set your desired temperature and away you go.

It’s the quickest and simplest way to professional ice cream rolls. All with worldwide delivery, professional support and a 1 year worldwide warranty.

Check out the listing for the Table Top Ice Plate here, or get in touch if you have any further questions.

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