Celebrities Love Ice Cream Rolls

celebrity ice cream rolls

You may have seen recently that the celebrity Beckham family each had a go at making ice cream rolls on a holiday in California. Check out the video below to watch again:

So why are so many celebrities (and us normal people!) having a go at this fun new craze?

It all comes down to the theatre and ability to make your own creation.

There is a latin phrase: ex nihilo, meaning ‘out of nothing’. And that’s precisely what appears to happen when making ice cream rolls. We take our basic ingredients such as fruit or biscuits and add our ice cream base. The chopping and mixing makes a slushy mess, hardly desirable at that moment! If it’s your first time watching the process, you’ll be looking a little confused to why someone would want to eat that.

ice cream rolls

But then comes the magical moment. Once the concoction has been spread out, we roll up the ice cream and all of a sudden all this hard work makes sense. That is the ex nihilo moment, with onlookers gasping in amazement.

ice cream rolls

That satisfying feeling we get when we see something come to fruition is what makes the ice cream roll concept so addictive. We can watch them being made all day, and that’s why celebrities love it too.

We all know that celebrities get to do what they want, price is never an issue for them! But it doesn’t have to be an issue for you too if you were thinking of getting into the rolled ice cream business;

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