Do you need a defrost peddle?

rolled ice cream machine

One feature which you may see on a cheaply made rolled ice cream machine from China is a ‘defrost peddle’. This is something that we don’t have on the Ice Roll Pro machines, and there’s a reason for that.

These little levers are supposed to make the rolling of ice cream easier, but they’re not as useful as you may think. The defrost option is actually something which came about due to the poorly designed refrigeration system and can be detrimental to the reliability of your ice cream machine.

defrost peddle rolled ice cream machine

Your rolled ice cream machine has super-cooled refrigerant gas piped through the coils on your cold plate. The metal surface, along with the thermal material underneath is designed to stay very cold for long periods. When you cool something it contracts, and when you warm it it’ll expand. In a slow controlled environment, this is okay. But if you do it quickly and regularly, it can cause disfigurement and a break of contact between the refrigerant pipes and steel surface.

This is exactly what happens when you use the defrost pedal; it floods those pipes with super hot gas, quickly changing the temperature of the plate. Doing this with eventually cause ‘warm spots’ and will make rolling ice cream a nightmare. Imagine pouring boiling water on the surface of a -30°C cold plate, its obvious its not doing it any good!

So why do they include a defrost pedal on these machines? Its actually to do with how their system is designed. First of all, its an ‘old’ system. Its the cheapest way to make a refrigeration machine, and it also makes it liable to break downs. The makers of the cheap machines knew that they wouldn’t always get a constant and even temperature across the pan, so they put this feature in to make the rolling easier when things start to go wrong.

ice roll machine
The back of a table-top unit – no need for a defrost option here!


Here are Ice Roll Pro, we have a high-tech and exclusive design. This allows us to maintain a constant and even temperature across the entire pan surface. No other manufacturer has this technology and it means we have the most powerful and reliable rolled ice cream machines in the world.

Thanks to this technology, we don’t need a defrost option on the Ice Roll Pro machines. Because there is an even and constant temperature across the whole plate, you won’t get the warm spots and rolling on them is easier than on any other machine.

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