What size ice cream roll machine should you have?

rolled ice cream machine

If you’ve looked at all the ice cream roll machines on the market, you’ll have noticed they come in all different shapes and sizes.

As well as circular and square ones, there’s a few with a rectangular shape, plus they’re all different sizes. So, what’s the best size and shape?

The simple answer is its all what’s best for you and your business. Depending on how you operate, you may want something which is easier to move if your business is events. Or maybe size isn’t an issue for you, so you want something which will make a big impact.

We’ve design our built-in and the table-top units to cater for these different requirements.

ice cream roll machine

Our square 450 x 450mm surface area built-in and table-top units give you all the surface area you may need to make ice cream rolls at a high rate, all in a unit which is smaller than anything else on the market. Being a square design, it importantly has more surface area than a circular design, but overall takes up same amount of space. We found the circular designs made it more difficult to roll up the ice cream rolls, as the scraper could sometimes catch the edges.

ice cream roll machine

For our table tops, we also knew that ease of mobility was an important factor for their design. With a handle on each side and with a rectangular shape, this unit is easy enough to move around but also to produce as many ice cream rolls as the square option. The surface area for this shape is 500 x 300mm and is great for fitting neatly into a small space such.

Check out the built-in 450 x 450mm option here

The table-top 450 x 450mm option here

And the table-top 500 x 300mm option here

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